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Good Guys Product Review is about ordinary people who think it is important for others to know about the many products and services we’ve encountered on the web. We want you to know we evaluate and/or use the products listed on this web site. This service was established because we have been mislead by internet ads, and because we want to provide the public with an unbiased, truthful opinion about the products and services that we’ve found. We don’t know about you, but we like to know what we’re committing to before we take the plunge! We hope you enjoy our comments and wish you surfing success.

Who are the contributors to the Good Guys Product Reviews:

  • Scott G – Scott brings to the team a great review on health and physical fitness for athletes. Scott was a three letter winner in high school, played on a division 1 college baseball team, and climbed through the ranks of minor league baseball. When Scott’s playing career was over, he went back and coached at the division 1 level. He is currently a private hitting/catching coach. His knowledge of sports and what is needed to keep the body healthy is what his product reviews will reveal.
  • David R – David technical background in the world of IT provides insight to electronics and computers. David, being a former musician, also provides product reviews on business, music, video, and travels.
  • Melanie K – Melanie’s contributions to pets and animal care is second to none. The true animal care giver and subject knowledge expert and it shows in her product reviews.
  • Kelly G – Kelly is the absolute best cook, wine, and food expert for the product review team. She has a lot of great ideas for home interior designs. Look for her product reviews to help you avoid the pitfalls we have already been dealing with daily.
  • Evan E – Evan’s experience and knowledge is in the gaming industry. The perspective he brings to the team in his product reviews is from a teens viewpoint.

So, as you can see, we are just plain old folks here. We believe our product reviews are to help you make a more informed decision on different products. We do provide links to the products and do get a commission. But our goal is to provide only product reviews we know are going to be successful for you.
We are always interested in your comments and if you would like to be a contributing member of the Good Guys Product Reviews, please complete the below contact form.

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