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Coach Scott’s Top Ten 2009 Baseball Bat Product Review

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Happy New Year to our readers. Yes, Coach Scott has published his product review of the  Top Ten 2009 Baseba Bat Product Review on GoodGuysReview.Com. This year he split his list into top performing baseball bats and best value baseball bats. Read his review of the top ten baseball bats for both  youth an high school students are using in his baseball facility.  GoodGuysReview Top Ten Baseball Bats Product Reivew.

No Oil on New Baseball Gloves

No oil on new baseball gloves? Why and what should we do?

We have had a bunch of inquires from people asking about Coach Scott’s reasons for not using oil on new baseball gloves. Below is a recap of his comments made earlier this year.

Coach Scott: The reason I do not like oil to break in baseball gloves is simple. In my opinion oil takes life out of the glove. Most baseball gloves come preconditioned, now it is up to the user of the glove to break it in the old fashion way, by using it. Oil can make the leather to soft which allows the leather to stretch more than it should. This can lead to ripping of the leather. Oil also, adds weight to the glove and can make it heavy. To make a baseball glove last a long time, make sure the laces stay tight. Do not throw the glove in your bat bag when you are done using it. It will only get smashed and bent out of shape. Carry the baseball glove in your hand. When you get home put it up for safe keeping by placing the palm of the glove down (Do not leave your glove in the trunk of a car). As a baseball mitt starts to age they seem to dry out. Now is the time for oil. Use a very light amount. If you you think you have the perfect amount you most likely have to much. Use very thin layers. P.S. when buying a glove, the stiffer the leather, the better the leather.

So what Coach Scott is saying is to use your baseball glove to properly break-it in. As the glove ages and dry’s, then use oil and use it very sparingly. I’ve seen coaches catchers mitt and it is almost 20 years old. They are as good as new.

Easton V12 Alloy Baseball Bats

    Coach Scott says: Easton V12 Baseball Bats…Increases Bat Speed!

Easton V12 Alloy Baseball Bats feature:
Easton V12 Alloy Metal Baseball Bat

What I like about the V12 is the streamlined barrel profile, which maximizes swing weight proficiency. This streamlined design helps to optimize the use of the wall thickness throughout the baseball bats profile, taper contour, and handle. The flex-rated 100 handle does provide decent stiffness which helps you control and balance the baseball bat. The VRS (Vibration Reduction System) rating of 80 for this baseball bat gives the Easton V12 a good feel on contact. What is really cool, Easton provides an exclusive 400 day warranty on this model.

Easton V12 spec on different models of baseball bats.
BV1 (Adult) Model

  • BESR certified 2 5/8″ barrel
  • -3 length-to-weight ratio
  • Ultra-thin 15/16″ tapered handle

BV11 (Senior) Model

  • 2 5/8″ barrelSuper lightweight -9.5 length-to-weight ratio
  • Extended barrel for maximum hitting area
  • Ultra-thin 29/32″ handle

LV1 (Youth) Model

  • 2¼” barrel, Ultra lightweight -12 length-to-weight ratio
  • Extended barrel for maximum hitting area
  • Ultra-thin 29/32″ handle

Size and Weight of the Easton V12 Baseball Bat

Adult Length/Weight Ratio (-3): 31″-28 oz, 32″-29 oz  33″-30 oz, 34″-31 oz
Senior Length/Weight Ratio (-9.5): 27″-17.5 oz,  28″-18.5 oz, 29″-19.5 oz,  30″-20.5 oz, 31″-21.5 oz
Youth Length/Weight Ratio (-12): 28″-16 oz, 29″-17 oz, 30″-18 oz, 31″-19 oz, 32″-20 oz

Metal Baseball Bat Tip: MINUS (-) DROP: This refers to the difference between the length and weight of a bat. As an example a (-)10 metal baseball bat with a length of 29″ would weight 19 oz..

Easton V12 Alloy Baseball BatCheck out this bat on, one of the better priced sport equipment sites on the web today. Click on the baseball bat for more information:>

Rawlings Pro Preferred Catchers Mitt/Glove


I was a catcher for almost 19 years and now I’m working on my 11th year of teaching the game of baseball to kids of all ages. Over the course of time I have had my hand in many catchers mitts. The Rawlings Pro Preferred Catchers Mitt/Glove is by far the nicest mitt I have had a chance to use and the easiest product review to write about. The light weight design and shape of this mitt gives a catcher maximum hand control for receiving the ball.The depth of the pocket has also been well thought out, not to shallow andproscm20b_palm_small.jpg not to deep. Therefore, the Rawlings Pro Preferred Catchers Mitt/Glove helps speed up exchange time from mitt to hand and minimizes catchers pop time from home to second.

When you buy a glove of any kind, Continue reading Rawlings Pro Preferred Catchers Mitt/Glove

ATEC Power Streak Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine


Why take your kid to the local coin operated batting cages anymore. You pay $2.00-$3.00 a turn to get 10-15 pitches, which only half of them can be hit.ATEC Power Streak Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine - Good Guys Product Reviews The average person takes 4-6 rounds each visit to the batting cages. That is almost $20.00 a visit, this adds up over the course of a season. If you take your kid to the cages twice a week during a ten week season you are spending close to $400.00 for them to get the amount of swings needed to prepare for their games. With the ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine you can provide your kid with as many swings as he/she wants to take for less than the cost of one season worth of time at the local batting cages and this machine will last you for many season’s. This machine can be used in your back yard, driveway, side street, baseball/softball field, or the cage at your local ball park. With the use of Tuffy SFT Supersoft pitching machine balls you do not have to worry about causing damage to personal property or individuals.

ATEC Power Streak Pitching MachineThe ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine is very mobile. It take 3-5 minutes to set up or disassemble. Everything needed to get the machine operating fits into a large duffel bag that will fit easily into the trunk of a car. The mobility of this machine comes in handy. We can work with our own kids at home and then when it come practice time the other kids can benefit form the pitching machine also.

When you think of the ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine don’t just think of hitting. This machine is so versatile you can use it for fly ball drill, ground ball drill, catcher pop up drills, catcher blocking drill, first base short hop drills, etc…

Performance is always important when you are looking at a new product and ATEC had that in mind when they developed the Power Streak Pitching Machine.



Max. speed 60 mph
Straight fastball
Running fastball
Change up
Curve ball


Max. speed 55mph
Straight fastball
Running fastball
Rising fastball
Change up
Curve ball

I do not know of another pitching machine on the market that can perform to the level of the ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine. Mobility and versatility are key. Out of trunk and hitting in five minutes. Other machines cost a lot more and do a lot less.

The ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine get A big thumbs up product review from me (Coach Scott).

CLICK HERE to View the ATEC Power Streak




Nike, BaseballSavings, and Dunham’s sports are three sites that I reviewed for baseball/softball batting gloves. All three of these sites have great prices and very nice selection of both men and women’s batting gloves. There are so many different types of batting gloves, it would not be very realistic for one person to write a review on each individual pair. So, I found these three sites that I feel very comfortable sending you to.


View Batting Gloves @