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Good Guys Product Review found a great new tool to use with WordPress, Press This. This is really neat tool to include material from another site into your blog or web site. There is one concern. Copying content from the Internet into your web site is an infringement of copyright laws and a big no no with search engines for duplicate content. You should only use this tool to copy content with the proper citiation of the source.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Directions on how to use Press This

  • In the lower right hand side of the Write or Manage section of the WordPress Admin, right click and save the Press This bookmarklet to your bookmarks.
  • Begin to surf the web.
  • Click the Press This bookmark any time you find something you want to cite in your blog. You can also highlight text first if that’s what you want to cite.
  • Select and arrange text, images, video, or quotes within the Press This window. Add your thoughts and edit at will.
  • Publish (or save) directly from the window when you’re done.

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