Should I Subscribe to Hulu?

The Office on Hulu
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The answer to this is simple. A resounding NO!

Why? Let me tell you my reasons why I would not subscribe to Hulu. You can decide if you would like to subscribe or not.

This weekend we wanted to watch the final season of ‘The Office’ from start to end. Needless to say, it was not on Netflix and our only option was Hulu.

Luckily, Hulu lets you have a free 1 week trial. I thought cool, we can evaluate the service and view one of the great TV comedy shows final season. If we liked Hulu, I would consider the $7.99 a month as it is a good entry price for most people.

My first reason is not a deal breaker, but it is very annoying to pay a subscription fee for a TV service and still have to watch commercials. Yes, Hulu sticks in their commercial advertisements into the show.

This practice has become the norm and I think as consumers we should boycott this approach. My view is if we are already paying to view the show, then provide it in a commercial free model. I would even pay another $5 a month to NOT watch commercials.

Like I said, having commercials is not a major reason for my dislike of Hulu. What was very objectionable was the fact Hulu would only show maybe six different types of commercials. Watching repeating commercials over 24 episodes of ‘The Office’ was worst than putting a knitting needle up through your nose and into your brain. This practice was worst form of torture than water-boarding.

I do not see how repeating the same set of commercials over and over again is beneficial to the view or the advertiser. I can tell you right now that I will not go into an Old Navy or Loews anytime soon. It was not their fault, but when you are exposed to the same commercials you become down-right hostel to those brands.

This practice of maximizing revenue at the cost of a consumer or the brand of an advertiser needs to stop. The cable and major broadcast networks have ruin the viewing experience of the consumer and now it has transcended into the digital services.

As consumers, it is time we stand-up and shout back that we will not take it anymore. My wallet will not be open for Hulu or any other service that treats its consumers as only revenue generators. What will you do?

Hulu account has been discontinued!!!

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