Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Headset for Xbox and Xbox 360 Product Review

Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Headset for Xbox and Xbox 360The Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Headset for XBox and XBox 360 provides the experience for the gamer to hear game action or communicate with your online friends. When you are looking to keep your Mom and Dad from yelling at you to turn down the volume, you just reach for your Ear Force X1 headset, plug it in, and no more complaining about the noise. The Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 delivers a crisp, clean audio and deep, rich sound effects. Looking for a headset that bring out every detail of your game soundtracks? The Turtle Beach Ear Force is the answer. They also have a durable microphone located on an adjustable boom, so you can engage in Xbox Live chat and trash-talk with your friends.

My son and I are having a blast tuning out the world when we are gaming with this headset. Not a bad price either with the excellent quality they deliver. The Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Headset for Xbox and Xbox 360is what you need for the serious gamer. We love them and we give them a thumbs up for this product review.


Coach Scott’s Top Ten 2009 Baseball Bat Product Review

Baseball Express
Happy New Year to our readers. Yes, Coach Scott has published his product review of the  Top Ten 2009 Baseba Bat Product Review on GoodGuysReview.Com. This year he split his list into top performing baseball bats and best value baseball bats. Read his review of the top ten baseball bats for both  youth an high school students are using in his baseball facility.  GoodGuysReview Top Ten Baseball Bats Product Reivew.

No Oil on New Baseball Gloves

No oil on new baseball gloves? Why and what should we do?

We have had a bunch of inquires from people asking about Coach Scott’s reasons for not using oil on new baseball gloves. Below is a recap of his comments made earlier this year.

Coach Scott: The reason I do not like oil to break in baseball gloves is simple. In my opinion oil takes life out of the glove. Most baseball gloves come preconditioned, now it is up to the user of the glove to break it in the old fashion way, by using it. Oil can make the leather to soft which allows the leather to stretch more than it should. This can lead to ripping of the leather. Oil also, adds weight to the glove and can make it heavy. To make a baseball glove last a long time, make sure the laces stay tight. Do not throw the glove in your bat bag when you are done using it. It will only get smashed and bent out of shape. Carry the baseball glove in your hand. When you get home put it up for safe keeping by placing the palm of the glove down (Do not leave your glove in the trunk of a car). As a baseball mitt starts to age they seem to dry out. Now is the time for oil. Use a very light amount. If you you think you have the perfect amount you most likely have to much. Use very thin layers. P.S. when buying a glove, the stiffer the leather, the better the leather.

So what Coach Scott is saying is to use your baseball glove to properly break-it in. As the glove ages and dry’s, then use oil and use it very sparingly. I’ve seen coaches catchers mitt and it is almost 20 years old. They are as good as new.

Easton V12 Alloy Baseball Bats

    Coach Scott says: Easton V12 Baseball Bats…Increases Bat Speed!

Easton V12 Alloy Baseball Bats feature:
Easton V12 Alloy Metal Baseball Bat

What I like about the V12 is the streamlined barrel profile, which maximizes swing weight proficiency. This streamlined design helps to optimize the use of the wall thickness throughout the baseball bats profile, taper contour, and handle. The flex-rated 100 handle does provide decent stiffness which helps you control and balance the baseball bat. The VRS (Vibration Reduction System) rating of 80 for this baseball bat gives the Easton V12 a good feel on contact. What is really cool, Easton provides an exclusive 400 day warranty on this model.

Easton V12 spec on different models of baseball bats.
BV1 (Adult) Model

  • BESR certified 2 5/8″ barrel
  • -3 length-to-weight ratio
  • Ultra-thin 15/16″ tapered handle

BV11 (Senior) Model

  • 2 5/8″ barrelSuper lightweight -9.5 length-to-weight ratio
  • Extended barrel for maximum hitting area
  • Ultra-thin 29/32″ handle

LV1 (Youth) Model

  • 2¼” barrel, Ultra lightweight -12 length-to-weight ratio
  • Extended barrel for maximum hitting area
  • Ultra-thin 29/32″ handle

Size and Weight of the Easton V12 Baseball Bat

Adult Length/Weight Ratio (-3): 31″-28 oz, 32″-29 oz  33″-30 oz, 34″-31 oz
Senior Length/Weight Ratio (-9.5): 27″-17.5 oz,  28″-18.5 oz, 29″-19.5 oz,  30″-20.5 oz, 31″-21.5 oz
Youth Length/Weight Ratio (-12): 28″-16 oz, 29″-17 oz, 30″-18 oz, 31″-19 oz, 32″-20 oz

Metal Baseball Bat Tip: MINUS (-) DROP: This refers to the difference between the length and weight of a bat. As an example a (-)10 metal baseball bat with a length of 29″ would weight 19 oz..

Easton V12 Alloy Baseball BatCheck out this bat on BaseballSavings.com, one of the better priced sport equipment sites on the web today. Click on the baseball bat for more information:>

Cecchi Chianti Classico 2006

Cecchi Chianti Classico 2006 is a great red wine for those hearty meat entrees. This is a full body wine that does round out in the finish. The nose will smell slight pepper, dark cherry’s and a hint of violet.

Cecchi Chianti ClassicoCecchi Chianti Classico

We just came back from the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT. We had the pleasure of tasting of this and three other Cecchi (pronounced as Check Key) wines. This Chianti Classico is from the heartland of the Tuscany region of Italy.

This wine is delightful and finishishes very nicely on the palette. Click on the label and order yourself a bottle from Wine.com.

Product Reviews by Two Good Guy's and Their Families.