ATEC Power Streak Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine


Why take your kid to the local coin operated batting cages anymore. You pay $2.00-$3.00 a turn to get 10-15 pitches, which only half of them can be hit.ATEC Power Streak Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine - Good Guys Product Reviews The average person takes 4-6 rounds each visit to the batting cages. That is almost $20.00 a visit, this adds up over the course of a season. If you take your kid to the cages twice a week during a ten week season you are spending close to $400.00 for them to get the amount of swings needed to prepare for their games. With the ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine you can provide your kid with as many swings as he/she wants to take for less than the cost of one season worth of time at the local batting cages and this machine will last you for many season’s. This machine can be used in your back yard, driveway, side street, baseball/softball field, or the cage at your local ball park. With the use of Tuffy SFT Supersoft pitching machine balls you do not have to worry about causing damage to personal property or individuals.

ATEC Power Streak Pitching MachineThe ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine is very mobile. It take 3-5 minutes to set up or disassemble. Everything needed to get the machine operating fits into a large duffel bag that will fit easily into the trunk of a car. The mobility of this machine comes in handy. We can work with our own kids at home and then when it come practice time the other kids can benefit form the pitching machine also.

When you think of the ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine don’t just think of hitting. This machine is so versatile you can use it for fly ball drill, ground ball drill, catcher pop up drills, catcher blocking drill, first base short hop drills, etc…

Performance is always important when you are looking at a new product and ATEC had that in mind when they developed the Power Streak Pitching Machine.



Max. speed 60 mph
Straight fastball
Running fastball
Change up
Curve ball


Max. speed 55mph
Straight fastball
Running fastball
Rising fastball
Change up
Curve ball

I do not know of another pitching machine on the market that can perform to the level of the ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine. Mobility and versatility are key. Out of trunk and hitting in five minutes. Other machines cost a lot more and do a lot less.

The ATEC Power Streak Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine get A big thumbs up product review from me (Coach Scott).

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Nike, BaseballSavings, and Dunham’s sports are three sites that I reviewed for baseball/softball batting gloves. All three of these sites have great prices and very nice selection of both men and women’s batting gloves. There are so many different types of batting gloves, it would not be very realistic for one person to write a review on each individual pair. So, I found these three sites that I feel very comfortable sending you to.


View Batting Gloves @






Western Digital MyBook 1TB External Hard Drive

This external hard drive has been great tool to backup your home or business computer data. This dual-drive storage system, yes dual drive, offers RAID 1 mirroring protection for 500 GB of storage. Or, use both drives to increase the capacity to the full 1 TB of storage. I have deployed these on several clients systems to ease the backup process of critical information on their computers.

The setup and installation is really simple with either USB or Firewire connections. It is truly a plug-n-play device and has a very intuitive RAID Wizard software to help you setup the RAID capability.

Performance on this device has been amazingly fast. I have one client who does 3D graphic renderings of his projects directly to this device without any glitches and degradation of speed. I do recommend the Firewire setup for very high performance applications of this device, but the USB has been great to use as network storage by sharing the device.

Are you currently backing up to CD or DVD? Stop wasting your time and keep your data online where it is needed the most.

Additional Specifications:

  • W10-3202-out3-wg7200 RPM Disk Speed

  • 32MB of Buffer Memory

  • 480 Mb/sec Data Transfer Rates on USB 2.0

  • 800 Mb/sec Data Transfer Rates on Firewire

  • Dim: 6.87″ x 6.27″ x 4.09″

Backup your data now or use it to supplement your storage by clicking –> Western Digital MyBook 1TB Premium Edition II

Limited Edition – 2007 Harley-Davidson® Christmas Motorcycle

This limited edition will close on December 25th, 2007. If you want to get one of these, you need to hurry fast. This edition is an absolute most for your Harley-Davidson® collection. This 1:10 scale replica Harley-Davidson Road King® is decked out in a Christmas attire.

I just received mine and the detail is awesome. The saddlebags on the fender are decked in a Christmas wreath, the colors have that festive feel, and the Twin Cam 88B is so well detailed.

There is only 2,500 of these limited edition available and I have mine. If you are looking for a gift for the holidays, don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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AdWareAlert Removes Spyware or Adware?

This is a question we all have. Each product claims to remove and alert you of spyware or adware programs attacking your computer. So, how can we tell if the program works as described by the software maker? By the experience you and I have when we use these products.

.AdwareAlert - Spyware and Adware Removal Tool

I began to use this product a few months ago on Windows XP computers and to my delight, has helped me rid spyware and adware on my computers. This product does an exceptionable job in scanning your computer for those nasty bugs and parasite adware leaching on your computers performance. I’ve added AdwareAlert to my toolbox in helping my clients to effectively remove spyware and adware from their computers.

Here are some features of AdwareAlert:

  • Microsoft VISTA Certified – One of the few spyware and adware programs to be certified.
  • Removes existing spyware and adware from your computer.
  • Immediately alerts you if any new attacks by adware or spyware are detected while you are browsing the web.
  • Access to daily updates for your program to ensure you are protected from new spyware or adware.
  • Has been most successfully on fully removing ALL remnants of spyware and adware. AdwareAlert - Spyware and Adware Interface

What I like about this program is ease of use. When I began to research this topic from the FREE download, I was able to download and scan my computer quickly. For my testing, I installed the FREE download of AdwareAlert on my teenagers computer. Both boy’s are gamers and Internet social bugs, so you can imagine what was on these computers.

The download and installation of AdwareAlert was very simple. Once installed, you can start the program immediately. The interface has a big “Scan” button to initiate the scanning. The full scan was completed in under 5 minutes. Very fast for these type of programs, which tells me it is optimized to search for those spyware and adware with clear definitions. It isn’t scanning every single file on your computer.

The result from the scan providedAdwareAlert - Spyware and Adware Scan Result a clear picture of what spyware and adware had infected the boys computer. It also provided you with knowledge if it was a file, registry entry, and folders of where the spyware and adware is located. What I saw on my scan results were registry entries of spyware I had removed from the computer with other spyware or adware programs. Warning: To actually clean or remove these alerts, you must register the software with AdwareAlert from going to there web site and order the program.

If you are looking for a protection against the spyware and adware attacks, take a look at AdwareAlert by clicking here.

The Truth About Six Pack ABS

Have you tried all of the gimmicks to get the abs you have always dreamed about. If you are like most, the answer is, yes. But, also like most, when asked did they work? The answer is no!!! Now, it is time for you read the book, “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”. This is a book that lays it all out for you. The exercises alone are not enough to get the abs you want. Your diet has huge role any time you are trying to transform your body. “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” will teach you what foods are right for you and which ones are not. Most people do not know there are foods out there that are promoted as health foods, But, are not. If you are eating the wrong foods, but, doing all of the exercises you can think of, you are just playing for the tie. This means you are getting no were.

“The Truth About Six Pack Abs” is the complete package. To remove any doubt you are having about this book. “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” will also throw in six additional free bonuses (valued at $125.80). Plus, a 100% money back guarantee!!!

Free Bonuses

1. “Turbulence Training” – An eight week fat loss program (Valued at $24.99).



2. “Stability Ball Killer Abs Workouts” – For beginners and advanced levels (Valued at $14.95).

3. “Ultimate Stair Exercises” – A unique set of exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home on your stairs (Valued at $29.95).

4. “Smoothies For Athletes” – Different recipes for athletes to maximize sports performance (Valued at $22.95).

5. “Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success” – Learn the right mind-set for maximum weight loss ($17.99).

6. “Full Body Stretch Routine” – Ten minutes a day for a loss limber body (Valued at $14.97).

I can tell you that you are going to be hard pressed to find another package out there with the amount of information “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” has to offer. This package will not only help you change your abs it will help you learn how to live a health life style.

Just ask this lady. –>





This is a photo of her before “The Truth About Six pack Abs”




This is a photo of her after “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”






I think “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” can do the same for you or anyone else. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose other the weight you dreamed of loosing.

Can you Build Muscle Faster?

Are you trying to build muscle faster, but do not know what you are doing wrong?. I have just the solution for you. It is called “The Truth About Building Muscle”. The #1 rated muscle building program,”The Truth About Building Muscle”, will teach you what you need to do in the gym as well as outside of the gym to help you start building lean muscle mass. This is an all natural program. “The Truth About Building Muscle” will educate you on what supplements to take, how much to take, and how often to take them. The program takes you through eight easy steps to help you build muscle faster. Absolutely no risk, eight week 100% money back guarantee. This is a no brainer, give it a try. You will positively build muscle faster than ever using this program…

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Making Money Online

If your thinking like I did just two months ago, you are thinking there are no business opportunities. These opportunities for normal people like you and I to have a home business and start making money online is impossible. My thought process has changed. After spending a lot of time researching many different so called opportunities online, I had almost decided they were all scams. Then, I came across “The Average Joe Income Package”. This package is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a package that can truly teach you and your family to start making money online. Yes, I said family and Yes, I mean your kids too. See, The Average Joe Income Package is a program that holds your hand and teaches you a bunch of different strategies (not just one) to create streams of positive income. The great part about this package is the cost involved. It cost $47.00 for the package. Then, you do not have to spend another dime if you do not want to. But, I will tell you that you will want to invest another $10.00 once you get started (this $10.00 will make your money making potential much greater). So, what I am telling you is The Average Joe Income Package is for real and this is a great opportunity for anyone to start making money online.

P.S. You will not be making money for The Average Joe Income Package. You will be in business for yourself making money for you.

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Product Reviews by Two Good Guy's and Their Families.