No Oil on New Baseball Gloves

No oil on new baseball gloves? Why and what should we do?

We have had a bunch of inquires from people asking about Coach Scott’s reasons for not using oil on new baseball gloves. Below is a recap of his comments made earlier this year.

Coach Scott: The reason I do not like oil to break in baseball gloves is simple. In my opinion oil takes life out of the glove. Most baseball gloves come preconditioned, now it is up to the user of the glove to break it in the old fashion way, by using it. Oil can make the leather to soft which allows the leather to stretch more than it should. This can lead to ripping of the leather. Oil also, adds weight to the glove and can make it heavy. To make a baseball glove last a long time, make sure the laces stay tight. Do not throw the glove in your bat bag when you are done using it. It will only get smashed and bent out of shape. Carry the baseball glove in your hand. When you get home put it up for safe keeping by placing the palm of the glove down (Do not leave your glove in the trunk of a car). As a baseball mitt starts to age they seem to dry out. Now is the time for oil. Use a very light amount. If you you think you have the perfect amount you most likely have to much. Use very thin layers. P.S. when buying a glove, the stiffer the leather, the better the leather.

So what Coach Scott is saying is to use your baseball glove to properly break-it in. As the glove ages and dry’s, then use oil and use it very sparingly. I’ve seen coaches catchers mitt and it is almost 20 years old. They are as good as new.

7 thoughts on “No Oil on New Baseball Gloves”

  1. Tony,

    Let us know how you make out. Oil is a petroleum product and is bad for leather in the long haul. We have found that if you son takes care of his glove by keeping it facing palm down and clean, it will last a long time.

    take care.

  2. I just bought a Rawlings PROSCM41B for my son. It is as hard as a rock but we are going to break it in as recommended. No oil. Thanks for the advice.

  3. I myself and the players in our leage have been using the conditioning liquid by “atosh” for years. It helps with the breaking in process and keeps the mitt in excellent condition all times. I wonder why people do not know about this excellent product.

  4. about 5-6 years ago my dad bought me a soto catchers glove. i had been using it almsot every weekend for those 5 years. just currently last year, my glove started ripping near where the pocket and the glove meet. is this becasue of oil? i bought a new rawlings catcher glove last year for my freshman year in highschool. at this time, the new glove i jsut bought on january 2008 is now starting to rip in hte smae spot! i do not understand why they are ripping? is it the leather material? too weak of a material? oil? i am frustrated and i am tired of buying new gloves. i want to buy a new glove that i cna depend on and that will not rip like my last have. please help.
    thankyou, Brent

  5. Your opinions will be posted on We’ll post your comments on the site, of course with some editing if necessary. Cobaseball doesn’t feel Coach Scott’s “No Oil on Baseball Gloves” is correct. Cobaseball should at least expand on his thoughts of why he disagrees so we all could have a meaningful conversation. I’ve seen Coach Scott’s baseball gloves that are over 20 years old. They are in excellent and are in game day condition.


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