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FireFox Addon “ScribeFire” for WordPress

FireFox addon, ScribeFire, is an easy blog editor to author posts for my WordPress blogs. I’ve found this cool little blog editor on FireFox’s Addon’s and decided to test it out.

Why should I be looking for a tool like this? I’m tired of doing all the typing and formating of other peoples content in the blogs I manage. The copywriters I have are really have problems with WordPress’s editor. Yes, even when I’ve installed all the WYSIWYG tools. I have been using Windows Live Writer, but it doesn’t help for people who have Mac’s. So, when I found ScribeFire as a FireFox addon, I was overjoyed.

There are two components of ScribeFire. The first is the blog editor I’m speaking about and there is an opportunity to generate revenue from ScribeFire QuickAds. I’m just beginning to get involved with that and will provide my review on that later.

Back to ScribeFire. You can use this cool little blog editor to author content in either a post or a page and publish it to the site. The installation is easy and straightforward. You can setup the tool enable publishing to multiple blogs, nice. The tool can do the following:

  • Add YouTube videos to your posts and blogs.
  • Upload pictures.
  • Save posts as drafts
  • Categorize and tag posts
  • Deliver your posts to your faviorate social web sites.

The coolest part, the support for many different blog platforms and services. Take a look at this list for blogging services ScribeFire supports:

Look at the number of blogging platforms:

Check it out and let us know your thoughts as well. It has worked really well with the copywriters I support. They love the simplicity and functionality it provides to author posts for our blogs.

rssHugger – Feeding Readers with Bloggers

So what is rssHugger, simple, a web based RSS reader providing you with real time content from your favorite bloggers. The team at Good Guys Review have subscribed and are now loyal users.

rssHugger - Feeding Readers with BloggersThis is a new site, so we will keep a tab on it to see how it progresses. I do, however, like how the posts are setup for easy retrieval from your favorite blog site. One thing I would like the owners of rssHugger to change Continue reading rssHugger – Feeding Readers with Bloggers