Top Ten 2008 Baseball Catcher Mitts/Gloves

Baseball - Rawlings Pro Preferred Series Catchers Mitt  - 1.) Rawlings Pro Preferred (PROSCM20B)- I’ve just finished breaking this mitt in for one of my students who plays baseball at Sarasota High School, Sarasota, Fl. This mitt is the Cadillac of all catchers mitts. The size, shape, and weight of this mitt is perfect. It will take about 5-7 days, catching around 100 balls a day to break it in. This is not a lot of time considering this mitt is made with big league leather. The Rawlings Pro Preferred has been my favorite mitt since it came out. If this mitt is taken care of, you will not find a more durable mitt that will last many years of playing baseball (NO OIL ON THE GLOVE!!! If you want to know why, drop me a note on the About Us contact form).

Baseball – Rawlings Pro Preferred Series Catchers Mitt –


Wilson A2K Pudge Mitt 2.) Wilson A2K Pudge 32 1/2 – This is another mitt you can not go wrong in purchasing. If you are looking for a top of the line catchers mitt with big league leather, the A2k Pudge will be a great glove for you. This mitt also is a great size, shape, and weight. I may have rated this mitt #1, if it did not have the wrist protector. I have found most of my students who have this mitt consistently take it off (or have me take if off). This is not hard to do, but it does take a little time. Over all this is a five star mitt.

Wilson A2K Pudge Mitt


Rawlings PROSCM41-50 Pro Preferred Catchers Mitt Baseball Gloves 3.) Rawlings 50th Pro Preferred- Rawlings once again has out done the competition. This is another big league mitt. This mitt was well thought out, nothing has been left out in the design and detail in this catchers glove. My only negative on this mitt is the cost, not that you are not going to get your moneys worth. But, I feel for $30-$40 less you can get a comparable or equal mitt.

Rawlings PROSCM41-50 Pro Preferred Catchers Mitt Baseball Gloves


Wilson A2403 Road Pudge Mitt

4.) Wilson A2000 2403 Road Pudge 32 1/2

Wilson A2403 Road Pudge Mitt

Nike Pro Gold Tradition Catchers Glove


5.) Nike Pro Gold Tradition 33"

Nike Pro Gold Tradition CMFA Catchers Mitt LH


Rawlings Heart of the Hide Catchers Glove

6.) Rawlings Heart of the Hide (This Glove Can Be Customized)


Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Catchers Mitt


Mizuno Classic Pro X33 Catchers Glove 7.) Mizuno Classic Pro X 33 1/2


Mizuno Classic Pro X Catchers Glove



Akadema APM 41 Catchers Glove

8.) Akadema APM 41 Precision Praying Mantis


Akadema APM 41 Precision Praying Mantis Catchers Glove


All Star Pro 33 1/2 Catchers Baseball Mitt 9.) All Star PRO 33 1/2 Catcher’s Baseball Mitt

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Baseball Express – All The Brands You Trust

Rawlings Gold Glove GGPCB Catchers Glove

10.) Rawlings Gold Glove GGPCB


Rawlings Gold Glove GGPCB Catcher’s Mitt – LH



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